Save Your Embarrassment From A Leaky Gut

Before we begin to explain the natural remedies, let’s first understand what is leaky gut? It is a digestive disturbance that occurs within the intestine linings. There is a gap in the lines of intestinal walls that fails to act as a barrier. Hence, it is like a free pass for harmful bacteria and toxins to make an entry into our bloodstreams. The symptoms of a leaky gut involve diarrhea, constipation, fatigue, acne, joint pain, and many more. If you still do not work towards your gut health, these symptoms worsen. Thus, we are bringing you solutions that will help you fight both the leaky gut and handle its symptoms better. So without further ado, let’s jump straight into the natural treatments.

Remedies To Resolve Leaky Gut Symptoms

Intake High Fiber Foods

No matter what health issue you face, the first thing that you need to correct is your diet and nutritional intake. Without so, you can never really reach the cure of your issue. Thus, whenever you notice any symptoms related to digestion and guts, you must focus more on fiber foods. They are the most effective remedy for a leaky gut and for regulating bowel movement. It is better to have those fibers in their natural form through fruits and vegetables. It supports the gut microbes that eventually improve our overall digestive system and guts. Moreover, you will be able to pass the stool smoothly so that the time it takes within the intestine reduces. If you cannot consume the fiber through your meals, try some nutritional products that consist of a good amount of nutrients and fibers. They cannot act as a replacement for a balanced diet, but they will help you replenish any nutrient that was not present in a required quantity in your meals. Having it will definitely fasten your whole process of treatment. But make sure to check for the label to ensure it does not contain anything that would trigger your issue further.

Avoid Refined And Dairy Products For Healing The Gut

To heal yourself from something, knowing what not to eat is equally important as knowing what to eat. In this case, it is best to take a break from processed, refined, or dairy products. They are not good when your intestinal health is this weak. Instead, focus on oats, smoothies, quinoa, kiwi, or any fruit with fibers, essential nutrients, and water-soluble vitamins in them. It will improve gut health by nourishing the stomach lining and gut bacteria. When the barrier that helps you separate toxins from the bloodstream is not functioning adequately, you need extra support from nutrients. So that they can fight those toxins and prevent them from harming you. But if you do not avoid food items like caffeine, white sugar, alcohol, and artificial sweeteners, your stomach lining will get more damaged. The symptoms can intensify like bloating, gas, heartburn, and many more. Hence, take a short time off from your favourite food until you are fit enough to enjoy them again.

Have Probiotics Or Supplements

The healthiest option for your stomach to work productively is to consume probiotics for gut health. These are live microorganisms present in the food or supplements that travel through our digestive tract to support gut microbes. They add to the population of good bacteria that fights damaging viruses. When you have gut problems like this, you need the additional support of such powerful bacteria that can fight these toxins. Thus, probiotics come to save the day through their anti-inflammatory properties. You can either have them in the form of kimchi, pickles, or kefir or through a gut health supplement. These supplements comprise both prebiotics (food for good bacteria to help them grow) and probiotics. In this case, it is better to take help from tablets because they have numerous strains of probiotics. Hence, you can have the advantage of all of them, whereas, in food items, there is limited variation. So up until your intestinal walls repair those gaps, consume probiotic-rich food because they are the closest alternative to their role.

Limited Exercising To Beat Leaky Gut Syndrome

Exercising regularly to keep your body active and free from diseases is an excellent lifestyle choice. Even in gut-related trouble, it is helpful to stretch your stomach nerves. That accelerates good digestion and bowel stimulation. However, doing excess of anything is not good either. When you spend more time in your working out session than required, the risk of chronic gut issues takes a hike. It can spark injury or create a leak within your intestinal cells. In fact, many athletes have shared excessive training as their cause of leaky gut. Thus, as a prevention and treatment, do not cross the timing of exercise more than 45 minutes. Or else it can give you side effects on your heart, kidney, or stomach. The best activity to do for your stomach would be sit up and crunches. They affect our core and abdomen muscles, which prevent bloating and gas from occurring. You can also follow an endurance training routine when there is a leak in your guts. It will strengthen your intestines and help you heal faster.

Drink Water And Green Tea In Good Quantity

Staying hydrated is the secret to healthy digestion and body functions. Water is responsible for carrying oxygen to our blood cells, which improves our digestion process. When going through a leaky gut, try to consume at least six to eight glasses of water per day. If you follow it after breathing exercises and stretching, its benefit amplifies. So turn this into your habit. Moreover, it also carries essential vitamins and minerals that help our guts perform better. The next suitable beverage that will help you out with your gut situation after water is green tea. It is already famous for its medicinal advantages and burning calories. Adding more to the list, it also works toward healthy digestion and smooth bowel operation. So when constipated or going through terrible cramps, have a cup of herbal or green tea. Whatever suits you or your body. Researches claim that drinking green tea increases the population of good bacteria that one needs to heal from the leaky gut situation. So get yourself a pack and take a step towards a healthier life.

Conclusion – Effective Ways To Nurture Leaky Gut

These are some of the solutions that you can try to solve your intestinal issue. It is better to find out the root cause and work towards it so that the situation does not occur again. If your pain is getting unbearable or things are getting out of hand, you must seek medical help. But if you are on the initial level of a leaky gut, following the above suggestions can help you resolve it. Remember, the better you take care of your guts, the less will be the chances of you attracting such troubles. So once you treat yourself out of it, continue to follow the above suggestions to maintain your healthy guts. Turning them into a regime will beat your usual gastric issues like indigestion, bloating, gas, acidity, heartburn, and so on. So from now onwards, whenever you feel or notice digestive problems symptoms in your body, you know what to do.

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